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Ana Monteiro, Joana Veiga, Ruben Tiago, Ulla Janatuinen, Vania Vaz:
48 caixas de cartao

Lisbon, June 2006

Close Encounters, Lisbon 2006

This was one of the Close Encounter performances associated with the Alkantara Festival. A large cube made of 48 cardboard boxes stands in the entrance hall of the Ministry of Finance in Lisbon. The five performers emerge from within the cube and start reshuffling the boxes into new structures. Apart from cardboard, they use their bodies as building blocks and supporting pillars. Creating and destroying a fragile balance is a major idea here.

Close Encounters, Lisbon 2006 Close Encounters, Lisbon 2006

Close Encounters, Lisbon 2006

In the last scene, the collaborative effort to generate balanced structures suddenly vanishes. While one performer stands motionless away from the group, protecting her face by raised arms, the others are throwing boxes at her, imbedding her in a chaotic assembly.

Photos: Petr Karlovsky