Petr Karlovsky: diverse photos for private use

October 2013: Oranienplatz

We often cross this square in Kreuzberg, Berlin, while walking to our favorite places such as restaurants and cafees in Oranienstrasse, exhibition rooms of the New Society for the Fine Arts, off-theater Hoftheater Kreuzberg, Turkish bakeries, a Middle East pastry store, or a flower shop that opens 24 hours. The narrow path below trees on the left side leads to Engelbecken, which is a pond next to our home. (The photo is 3094 px wide, it make take a while to load and you have to scroll horizontally.)
Oranienplatz panorama


Artist who made collages shown at Chez Michel

A while ago while eating at French bistro Chez Michel, we watched collages displayed on the walls, made from parts of a century old adds assembled in new contexts and printed on old, yellowed blueprints. We did not know the artist. Today I bumped into his atelier by chance. I immediately recognized the work, though none of the pieces displayed at Chez Michel was there. I was lucky, Tom is leaving for Paris tomorrow! He wrote me his address on the back of the card that you see, check his website! (Yellow sticker is part of the piece, read it if you understand German.)


Petr Karlovsky